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So...you are keen to shift your classroom but don't know where to start? The curated content on this page is intended to help you take that first strategic step to shift your classroom into the 21st century...one-application-at-a-time.

So many tools...so little time. Whichever one Web 2.0 application you first choose to use to support a particular learning outcome or develop a specific skill, you have more chance of an effective implementation if it is fit for the learning purpose. So if the purpose is to give each student a voice, then design a learning activity that provides a space for every one of your students to speak or write. This could be audio in the form of a podcast, or a back channel tool for microblogging, or a short written piece of creative, collaborative or reflective writing. The mind boggles at the endless possibilities here.

We encourage you to explore that first 'app'. As you start to integrate technology into the learning process,  your experiences (warts and all) of changing roles and fit-for-purpose applications can be shared in and with the VC CITL community as we learn together.


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Mindmapping allows students to organise their thoughts and structure new concepts and knowledge in a visually creative manner. Tony Buzan designed the first concept of mindmapping and numerous others have since followed. There are many Web 2.0 mindmapping tools available for both students and teachers to use as an alternative to pencil & paper such as Mindomo and bubbl.us. The best of them all (in my opinion) is MAPMYself.


Free Online Web 2.0 Tools Course


New Picture 36If you are interested in a free online course to teach yourself how to use Web 2.0 tools to enhance learning then log on to register and find out more here

Hidden in the Cloud - more tools

For those of you who would like to explore a few other Web 2.0 applications, this interactive toolbox offers that opportunity. If there is a particular tool that you would like more detail on, please let us know by writing a comment. We will regularly be adding one-app-at-a-time to the list already provided here.

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