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Blogging and reflective writing

New Picture 30A weblog or blog is designed for individual reflective writing and many institutions have already embedded this digital activity into the curriculum. You can find many examples of student blogs here and here.

It is suggested that you start small and the perfect application to take this first step is PageOrama

Try it yourself with a 100 Word Challenge. It enables students to quickly publish a piece of writing to the Web without worrying about having to deal with blog templates. Then all they need do is email you their site URL for you to easily access their writing. Be sure to provide your students with constructive feedback. 

Recently I facilitated Web 2.0 workshops with some of the full time staff at Varsity College in all regions. At the end of the workshop, I asked all the delegates to take ten minutes to share their experience of the day's learning with me in the form of a short piece of reflective writing using PageOrama. It proved to be a much better approach to gathering feedback on how others experienced the workshop and certainly much more fun that completing the usual evaluation form. Here is an example of one delegate's reflection of the workshop for you to see what PageOrama enables. Simple and quick.

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The most widely used formal blogging sites include Blogger, Wordpress, Edublogs and Tumblr. When you are ready to take your student blogging to the next level, then Seattle Pacific University's support of student blogging is an exemplar.

Examples of student work from other types of digital activities can be found here.

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