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Evernote: note-taking with a difference


Evernote is an excellent productivity tool voted the best of the top 10 productivity applications of 2011 by the global audience that knows it and uses it daily. TNW Editor, Courtney Boyd Myers explains that Evernote is far more than a note taking application.

Evernote is reknowned for its multi note-taking functionality including audio notes (podcasts), Web notes and typed or written notes. But it offers a great deal more. Images and pictures can be taken too and documents and other digital content can be uploaded and stored in the cloud - all of which can be shared via email or by providing the URL. Students use it to keep track of their class notes; teachers use it to store learning activites and additional notes, resources or media to share with their students; shoppers make shopping lists; travelers plan trips and bloggers write drafts of their posts. The possibilities are endless.

It is an application that you can use on any of your devices (laptop, smart phone, tablet, desktop computer or netbook) that has Internet connectivity and the application synchronises your content across all your devices! This means that if you create a new note on your smartphone you can still access it on Evernote when you work on your laptop or desk top computer. 10 Tips for using Evernote Effectively - Try it! It is a really superb application for organising and sharing your notes and media.

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