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Glogster for Creating Interactive Online Poster

A glog is an interactive online poster. Glogster allows you to create a digital poster with interactive features by using text, images, videos, music and much more. It is a great tool for creative user generated content in poster form. It can be used to replace your usual Power Point presentation and your students can use it to demonstrate their learning on a particular topic/concept. Would be great if you got your students to summarise key concepts in the form of a glog.

Glogster does offer a free version but functionality is not as extensive as the "teacher light" version you pay a small mount for. Eduglogster is especially for educators and at $29.95 per year you can get much greater functionality and 50 accounts for your students. 

Anne-Mart Olsen, lecturer at VC Port Elizabeth, created this glog which she used in her Technology enhanced Learning Web 2.0 workshop with the VC PE lecturers. It really is a great example of how Anne-Mart has got creative and generated her own take on why we need to incoprorate Web 2.0 tools to enhance our student learning.

James Staples (who teaches on the Communication Science module of the IIE BA in Corporate communication Degree on Durban North campus) has also created a glog for revision purposes for his students and is aiming to get his students to create their own glog to demonstrate thier learning. A great ICE digital activity!

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