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Creating Blogs, Wikis and Websites

Many who start using technology as a tool to enhance learning, often ask what is different about blogs, wikis and websites and what learning purpose do they each best serve. In short, a blog is best used for individual reflective writing that others may comment on. A wiki is best used as a collaboration tool which allows all members to edit and add content and knowledge as it builds on the wiki.

Richard Byrne (@rmbyrne) is well known for his awarding winning resource website Free Technology for Teachers. In this post he shares all of his presentations on how to create blogs, wikis and websites.  Do check out all the training videos on how to create blogs, wikis and websites. Awesome resources that I am sure will be helpful to those starting out.

Richard is a strong proponent of educators creating an online hub - a collection of online learning spaces that he believes every teacher should create to promote digital activities and fluencies for their students.

Another useful resource is this chart created by Dr. Mark WagnerBlogs, Wikis, or Docs: Which is right for your lesson? - a great chart outlining the features of each platform, each platform's drawbacks, and examples of each platform in use.


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