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Nik Peachey is an ELT Consultant, Writer, Teacher Trainer. Lecturer in Media & Technology at Westminster University and Associate Trainer at Bell Educational Trust. He has a particular interest in combining pedagogy with technology. He has recently started a brand new series of articles on Technology Tools for Teachers with Podcasting the first focus. 

It is Nik's view that Podcasting relates well to the listening culture and he positions Podcasting as a great tool for developing our students' ability to speak and listen. We see many of our students with  iPods or mp3 players on campus and those earphones can't be missed.   Podcasting can also serve as a means of broadcasting oneself - students can create a podcast for an audio assignment in which they record their learning verbally or teacher for a short explanation of a difficult concept that students can use for revision and consolidation. The possibilities for teaching and learning activities are many as Nik describes so well in his article on Podcasting.  This is further supported by downloadable PDF resources and a comprehensive list of podcasting tools: Podomatic, Audacity, Voicethread,  Audioboo and Voxopop.

I found this great Wiki on Podcasting for Education with loads of useful tips, ideas and resources from which you can learn more about this great audio tool to enhance learning

Here is my first podcast just for you! Try it yourself.


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