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Screencasting: broadcast yourself


Screencasting enables you to broadcast yourself.  You will need a microphone and Java installed on your computer. Quite simply it enables you to add your own voice to content such as Powerpoint Point presentation, web pages, documents - in fact anything on your computer screen! 

These screencasts can then be shared with your students or colleagues by sharing the URL or QR code. You could even open your own YouTube account and upload your screencast to share with all. Try to design a learning activity project for your students that requires them to create a screencast on a specific topic or problem they have searched and found credible information on. Let them share their learning with you and then encourage them to upload it to their YouTube account to share with the world. What an enabling tool for content creation, knowledge sharing and communication!

There are several screen capturing applications available for you to try and the one introduced here is screenr. Here is my first attempt - Anne's Personal Learning Network. Ok- so my first attempt could be better, but at least I took that first step to create one. Try it - it's fun too!

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