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Thinglink - Creating Multimedia Images

Thinglink is a great application that enables you to create multimedia images.  It is really a fantastic tool that can be used across most subject areas. These would be wonderful for students to create to demonstrate their learning (and accessing of credible information on the Web) on the topic studied. Alternatively, you could prepare a lesson using this tool to create a single image with multimedia links inserted into it fit for the particular learning objectives in that teaching session. (It would require connectivity as live online.).

It is really simple to use. First you need to create a free account, then upload your image (or select one from the Web) and just by clicking at a selected spot on the image you can insert a video, text, podcast or URL link to a specific web page. Once saved you can share it or embed into a website.)

Below I have created a multimedia image to assist you to develop a personal learning network. I would be very keen to know if you found it of any use to you. Please comment below once you have explored it.

 Two blog posts worth reading on the use of Thinglink are Free Technology for Teachers and here.

Here is another by Susan Oxnevad on her blog Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

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