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TodaysMeet : Backchannel for 'short writes'

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A backchannel is a microblogging tool that enables you to give each student a voice. You are able to see your students thoughts through a 'short write' of 140 characters and use student ideas or questions for further discussion. TodaysMeet is a good tool to start with as it allows you to create a private "room" for the students in a particular class group.

TodaysMeet allows you to create a virtual room for student comments, questions and thoughts and is best used in class for a short period of time so that you can use the backchannel stream of comments for further elaboration and teaching. Using their mobile device(smart phone works really well for this), your students connect to the wifi and the URL of the room you have created for the class discussion. Create a new room for each class in which you use this application. Set some ground rules such as correct English and no comments other than those related to the topic under discussion. Project the backchannel up for all in the class to see. Students get really excited at the engagement and even the quiet students now have a voice.

For more on backchannels in the classroom go here.

Russel Stannard's site TeacherTrainingVideos offers LOADS of videos to show you how to use a range of tools that give your students a voice. 

  • Marilette van der Colff

    Posted at 2012-02-28 17:23:44

    This is one of the first things that Midrand wants to try in class! We will post feedback... :)

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    • Anne Whaits

      Posted at 2012-02-29 22:51:15

      Would really love to hear your experience of this backchannel tool in class. I believe that James Staples on Durban North has tried it in his class. I am hoping that James will provide some feedback for us all. I do know that one of the students in his class shared her delight at the opportunity to add her thoughts to those of the other students in the class and was so excited by the learning and how James referred to it use student input for further teaching....that I heard from the mother of the student!

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