Digital Annotation using Adobe Reader X

The format of the book has evolved with the times, but it seems that note taking has been left behind, not quite in the dark ages, but it has not reached the digital age, quite yet.  Granted, we no longer use a chisel to make notes in the margins of our stone tablets, then why do we insist on using highlighters and paper in a time of digital books, e-publications and readers?

The presentation, “Digital Annotation: Note taking should evolve with the book” is a brief introduction to digital annotation in order to build toward digital fluency. It touches on various applications and/or productivity tools, like Evernote, Diigo and Dropbox, but the focus is mainly on Adobe Reader X.

Adobe Reader X is simple to use and brings with it the advantages of digital annotation over paper and pen notes. The notes one makes using Adobe Reader X can be archived, shared, searched and is mobile, which makes one's notes accessible anywhere, any time and any place.

Below is a brief tutorial on how to use Adobe Reader X, once you have installed it.

Download Adobe Reader X here 

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