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We are excited to announce that all of our campuses are now fully wifi enabled. This means that you and your students are able to connect to the internet from any classroom or other space on campus. This connectivity is designed to support and enhance teaching and learning and not impede it. To this end we need to be realistic about the expectations and challenges that may arise with the speed of access and the students BYOT (bringing their own technology device) into classrooms. 

We are aware of the bandwidth limitations in South Africa and are committed to offering you the best possible connectivity whilst understanding that within the national context there will still be challenges with access speeds as we embrace new technology. Our broadband has been upgraded since last year to the current SA maximum of 10MB. Therefore, we need to ensure the most efficient use of what we have available.

Live streaming of video content eats into the available broadband and more often than not buffering occurs which interfers with the learning process. Video clips can be downloaded if they are licenced under creative commons (cc) or if the author has given you permission to do so for educational purposes. It is more efficient to download video clips onto your computer and avoid live streaming in class. There are a number of Web 2.0 applications fit for this purpose and they include the free versions of  YTByClick, RealPlayer, KeepVid, WedVideoFetcher amongst others. Please remember to correctly reference your sources and attribute the author. 

Appropriate and Responsible Internet usage guidelines have been provided by IT for students. Your campus password and log on procedures will be provided on site at the start of the new academic year. Classroom management is the responsibility of the teaching staff.

  • Lindsay Day

    Posted at 2012-03-13 07:52:41

    It was wonderful to visit into one of our IIEBACC Corporate Comm yesterday afternoon and see how the students were benefiting from and using digital learning and the BYOT concept in the classroom. I took some pics and will upload them soon.

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    • Anne Whaits

      Posted at 2012-03-17 15:25:41

      Hi Lindsay

      It is wonderful to hear that the VC Sandton teaching team are making the shift to leverage digital media and BYOT as tools for learning. Thank you for sharing. Let's see this example spread to all classrooms :)


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