A Brief History of Technology in Education

Adam Bellow aka eduTecher created this video himself and shared it through his Youtube channel back in May 2009. Adam is a college teacher and his assignment was to create a video on educational technology. Winner of ISTE's 2011 Young Educator Award, Adam has this to say: "Educational Technology can inspire, encourage, challenge and enable teachers of all content areas and learners of all abilities."

There is much written about the 21st Century Skills we need to be developing in our students and they are often labelled the 4 C's - critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. Should we not be encouraging our students to create content and not only consume it? This student generated content could take the form of a blog, video, interactive poster, screencast or podcast etc. If you have designed a learning activity with the purpose of content creation in your subject, please share it with your colleagues.

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