Shift Your Classroom : Small Strategic Steps

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Voices from the Learning Revolution is a superb blog on the Powerful Learning Practice website. I subscribe to many quality blogs via my Google reader and this valuable post by Shelley Wright came to me on January 10, 2012. She describes how she shifted to a student-centred classroom and offers four simple strategic steps for those who teach to start the process themselves. A really worthwhile read!

Here is an extract of her blog post:

"I've come to describe my shifted classroom as an inquiry-driven, project-based, tech-embedded environment. But that's not where I started.

Teachers who are interested in shifting their classrooms often don’t know where to start. It can be overwhelming, frightening, and even discouraging, especially when no one else around you seems to think the system is broken. The question I’ve been asked often throughout the past year is “Where should a teacher begin?”  I’ve reflected on  this a fair amount, and I think small strategic steps are the key."

The 4 strategic steps are:

1. Start with one unit - One inquiry unit in your subject 

2. Talk about learning - Talk to your students about their learning

3. Make the tech work for you - Embed tech in ways that are authentic to the learning process

4. Expect to hit the wall - Remember that inquiry learning is an emotional process


Read the full post here for more details.

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